Microsoft Developing Office 365 Tool to Combat Reply-All Mail Storm Attacks

Microsoft is working on a new Office 365 that will help organizations maintain security across emails. The company says the new tool is designed to protect users against email storms. Microsoft itself ... read more

Microsoft to end support of its touch-first Office Mobile apps in January 2021

Last September, Microsoft officials admitted they were putting the mobile versions of the Microsoft Office applications for Windows on the back burner. Late last week, Microsoft announced the end of ... read more

Microsoft Teams is the first Office app for Linux

Microsoft today launched Microsoft Teams for Linux in public preview. No, that’s not a typo — Microsoft Teams is indeed the first Office app that the company has ported to Linux. (Microsoft reached ... read more

Microsoft Teams will become the first Microsoft Office 365 app available on the Linux open source operating system

Microsoft's embrace of Linux is paying off once again with the debut of Teams, its collaboration app. read more

Microsoft will end support for Windows 10 Mobile Office apps in 2021

We already knew that technical support for the mobile operating system would end on December 10th, 2019 (yep, that's tomorrow). Now, we have an official end-of-life date for the Windows 10 Mobile ... read more

Microsoft Teams becomes first Office app available for Linux. What's next?

Officials said all of Teams' core capabilities will be available to Linux users. Microsoft's blog post announcing availability notes that "The Microsoft Teams client is the first Office app that is ... read more

Iran Post Office Delivers Box to Minister in Drone Test

TEHRAN, Iran — Iran’s post office has used a drone to test fly a box to the country’s telecommunications minister. Officials say using drones might one day reduce air pollution and traffic in the ... read more

Box Office: What ‘Joker’ Needs To Become DC’s Highest-Grossing Movie

So does Joker have a shot at becoming No. 1? Let’s take a look at the film’s trajectory at the box office to see if it will have the legs to pull it off. Joker shocked the industry by kicking off its ... read more

White House budget office offers new legal justification for Ukraine aid hold-up

As the House moved forward on articles of impeachment against President Donald Trump for holding up military aid to Ukraine allegedly for his personal political benefit, the White House office that ... read more

South Korea authorities raid office in connection to Sewol ferry sinking

Dec. 12 (UPI) --A special team of investigators in South Korea raided the government's audit office to seize documents related to the 2014 Sewol ferry sinking that led to the death of more than 300 ... read more

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